Titlist Golf Balls Review

Titlist Golf Balls Review

This article will review the different types of Titlist golf balls on the market, and help to uncover which would be best suited for you. Being an avid golfer for over 15 years, I'm well qualified to critique the different titlist golf balls to differentiate the facts from the hype.

The Titlist company has been on the cutting edge of developing golfing equipment for many years. While they are in the business of enhancing the way the game is played with newer materials and designs, they also have a great desire to preserve the origins of the game.

The first thing when choosing a golf ball is to answer some primary questions about what purpose is most important to you. For example, the distance of the ball, spin factor, accuracy, and feel of the ball are all very important things that must be considered.

Titlist has been instrumental in a major paradigm change that has just recently occurred - the multi-component urethane elastomer golf ball (2000) - or solid golf ball. In the year 2000, only 27% of the Tour players were using solid golf balls, by 2001 that number had jumped to 84%! Although the average driving distance of Tour players has greatly increased with the popularity of Titlist solid golf balls, this could also be partly explained by the ever increasing driver head size, and the shortening of the average fairway mowing height for Tour courses.

Sampling several of Titlist's balls, my favorite for an expert golfer was the Titlist Pro V1 ($44/dozen) - a 3 piece ball that scores my highest marks for spin, distance, softness, and accuracy with a driver. The only problem I found with this ball, besides being one of the most expensive balls on the market, was that I gave it only average marks for accuracy with an iron shot .

For a golfer with a slower head speed, I prefer the Titlist DT So-Lo ($22/dozen) - which is a 2 piece ball. It's priced at half of the Pro V1, and I give it the highest marks for distance, and soft feel. I rated this ball as above average for it's accuracy with an iron and driver, and its spin capability.

For distance, Titlist has produced the Titlist HP distance MX - a 2 piece ball that retails for $19/dozen. It has excellent distance with the driver, and very good accuracy with the driver. However, I rate it as only average for spin, softness of feel, and accuracy with an iron.

Lastly, I rated the Titlist NXT - also a 2 piece which retails for $28/dozen. It is great for distance, and is very good with driver accuracy and a soft feel, but it is only average with it's iron accuracy and spin capability. As far as the ball best fit for the average golfer, I'd pick the Nike Power Distance Super Soft ($14/box) over any of the Titlist golf balls currently available.

A local golf pro shop or retailer should be able to analyze your swing to help you determine the best classification of golf ball that you'll require. But this analysis of Titlist golf balls should help you narrow down the most appropriate golf ball for you.

Article By Jackie


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