Used Golf Carts Gas Powered Or Electric

Used Golf Carts - Gas Powered Or Electric?

Used golf carts essentially are available in two options, gas powered or electric powered. Each power option has its strength and weaknesses on the golf course or out in the field. Feel free to use the information below to help steer you in the right direction when buying a used golf cart.

Gas powered golf carts simply run on gas. Diesel gas or standard unleaded gas powered golf carts are available. One negative aspect against the gas powered golf carts is that you might need to carry around a can of gas with you incase your engine runs out. If this were to happen, you would simply refill the golf cart with gas and then be on your way. However, if you did not have an extra can of gas with you, you might find yourself stranded where you ran out. Used golf carts that run on gas can be to your advantage. Sure running out of gas is not something you want to happen. However, it is much easier to refill and get going again if you have a spare gas can with you.

Contrary to the gas powered golf cart, the used electric golf cart has a major setback if you run out juice. If you are driving up the fairway and find the electric golf cart no longer able to drive, you also find yourself in a major dilemma. Where in the world can you plug into to get a recharge? I'm not aware of too many golf courses that have convenience outlets placed throughout the course.

Used electric golf carts are much more environment friendly than used gas powered golf carts. Electric does not emit any pollution that you may find coming from a gas powered golf cart. An electric powered cart also runs much quieter than a gas powered cart.

These are just a few pros and cons of buying used golf carts, either electric or gas powered. Much more information regarding used golf carts and golf carts in general can be found at

Article By Chris Miller

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