Do You Need Golf Training Gloves

Do You Need Golf Training Gloves?

Want to improve your game? Then golf training gloves might just be the thing you are looking for.

Why use golf training gloves? A good question and it really depends what your goal is. If your main concern is to go out, get a little exercise on the golf course and just have a nice, relaxing day, then golf training gloves may not be for you. However, if you are like most golfers who would like to improve their game and boast about their handicap, the money spent on golf training gloves is a good investment.


Golf is like other sports in that there is a social function and a sporting function both operating at the same time. People’s focus shifts from one to the other, rarely keeping a balance that produces a quality sporting performance. And it hardly matters if the social aspects produce the desired effect of fun, relaxation and a chance to get in the game.

Fitness and training are promoted over and over again. When you are fit you have the energy to walk the 18 holes a day and the strength to hit long drives. With training you can improve your accuracy and control. It does not matter how far you can hit the ball if it does not land close to the hole!

If you want to lower your handicap, then performance training is crucial. This is where golf training gloves should be
considered along with some of the other training aids on the market. Some have to do with a particular training philosophy while some others deal with specific swing or stance elements; others are just a marketing ploy. Be sure to follow trusted advice when shopping for these training aids.

The Gloves

If you look at a good golf swing, it is easy to see that the hands, arms and shoulders play a big role. Golf training gloves deal with the connective relationship between the hands and the wrists with the arms and shoulders. With most golf training gloves, you actually wear only one glove on the opposite hand (if you’re right handed, you use a left hand glove). Through varied design means, the glove directs the wrist action, helping it to conform properly and allowing your wrist to keep good form during your swing. Golf training gloves promote an overall better swing, more direction control and an improved game.

If you think that the golf training gloves cost a lot, compare it to the cost of clubs or other golfing accessories. You will find that for its usefulness it is actually a cheap piece of kit.

Article By Hein Hayman

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