Review Of The Callaway Upro Golf Gps

Review Of The Callaway Upro Golf Gps

The many golf GPS units available today eliminate the need of hiring an expert caddie to help you with determining your hole distance and with the various course targets. They help in providing data like basic distance to the hole data and the location of targets and hazards. The Callaway uPro Golf PRS is one such golf GPS unit.

The Callaway uPro Golf GPS offers an easy to understand graphics display of all the possible golf hazards on a course like sand traps and bunkers. It also helps display your present location on the golf course through its large, 2.2" high resolution, 320 x 240 color screen.

It is its high resolution screen that makes it easy to view displays outdoors, in bright sunlight. In fact, this GPS unit comes with a transflective screen that provides optimal bright sunlight viewing, when the sun directly shines on the screen, at specific angles.

The SmartView technology of the uPro Golf GPS gives you all the information you will need about your next potential shot through an aerial view perspective. Its AnyPoint technology helps you measure all points found on the course. Its GPS and aerial and satellite photography provides you with full color information of its thousands of courses in its database.

This unit is the thinner, lightest and sleekest unit found on the market, which snugly fits in the pocket or belt without obstructing your swing in any way. It is this feature that makes the uPro Golf GPS stand apart from other GPS units.

The technology used in the uPro gives you an automatically sorted list of all the golf courses found in your nearest vicinity. It also plays a video flyover of each hole you approach, including highlighted yardage lines.

Article By Jon Masters

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