Usga Golf Rules 12 Official Rules To Master The Game

Usga Golf Rules - 12 Official Rules To Master The Game

A must tool that every serious golfer should have in his armor is the USGA handbook for Golf rules. Following are some important and very commonly used USGA rules coming into play regularly on a golf course.

- USGA golf rules limits the count of clubs in your bag to fourteen, during your play.

- In order to be considered legal to play, the ball must be placed between the two tee markers on the tee box of each hole.

- One must abstain from moving the tee markers while they are on the ground or in the tee box.

- In case your ball falls down from the tee while attempting a stroke, you are allowed a penalty free stroke after placing the ball back on the tee.

- In case there are any loose pediments in your line of putt, you are allowed to remove them. However, you should not press down anything.

- You should wait for other players' balls to stop before executing your stroke on the putting green.

- You are liable for stroke penalties in case your ball hits the flagstick while putting from the putting green.

- Barring any local rules, you are bound to play the golf ball as it is.

- Every player needs to put a distinct identity mark on their ball to make sure that they are playing the right golf ball throughout the course of the round.

- Everyone should go about their play without any delay. To give you an example - one must not take more than five minutes while looking for a lost ball on the golf course.

- You should refrain from taking any sort of action that moves the golf ball, unless allowed by the USGA rules.

- You are allowed to hit a provisional ball in case your golf ball is out of bounds or is lost. However, you must also inform your opponents or playing partners about it.

Article By Abhishek Agarwal

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