Nike Air Zoom Tw Golf Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Tw Golf Shoes

Nike have built their enviable reputation on providing top athletes, in a multitude of sporting arenas, the clothing and sports shoes that will aid their own sporting achievements. Whether that is track running shoes, football shirts or golf shoes, Nike are at the forefront of technology and design of sports apparel.

Nike are, in fact, the world’s leading suppliers of sports shoes and apparel and have, over many years, had the top sports people and teams endorsing their products. Top basketball player, Michael Jordan, whose name is synonymous with Nike, spent the majority of his playing career promoting Nike products and who can forget the phenomenal success of Air Jordan’s, which he ultimately helped to develop?

Twenty five years later, and Nike have encouraged Tiger Woods to provide considerable input into their latest Nike golf shoe designs. The specifications on the golf shoes, Nike and Tiger have come up with, would appear to be designed for some space age technology rather than golf shoes, but, looking closely shows every innovation optimised is geared for golf shoe excellence
Nike Air Zoom TW 2009:

Nike Air Zoom TW golf shoes made with a combination of comfortable, soft grain full leather and a ballistic mesh offers lightweight, stretch resistance, whilst being supportive and secure. A combination that, not only, keeps golfers feet dry in the wet, but, cool and dry in the heat.

Traction is provided by Scorpion Stinger™ Spikes, which are engineered for durability and comfort, as well as, stability.
The Heel Fit system provides a secure custom fit for the golf shoes
Watershield Plus technology gives golfers a full two years waterproof guarantee.

The Nike Power Platform, incorporated into their Air Zoom TW golf shoes, brings four technologies together to produce greater cushioning, flexibility, waterproofing, but also, to make this remain a lightweight golf shoe

The poron sockliner ensures continual comfort for the life of the golf shoes.

Last, but, by no means least are the lateral stabilizer and the Zoom Air, itself. Two innovative designs that increase comfort, stability, weight transference and balance.

Nike will continue to receive the promotions and endorsements of the top golfing sportsmen and women, as long as, they continue to provide excellence of performance for their golf shoes, and serious golfers of every level, from junior to men, will happily wear Nike golf shoes as long as the imaginative innovations in golf shoe design for the top athletes are passed on down to their own golf shoes.

Nike Air Zoom TW are the latest Nike golf shoes available from Golfbuyitonline.

Article By Ben Holloway

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