Are You Covered With Golf Vacation Insurance

Are You Covered With Golf Vacation Insurance?

As golf crazy continues to expand around the word, the likely chances of us getting injured or becoming a victim of crime will of course increase too. Its been estimated that over 30,000 golf related injuries that have required hospital treatment, so if we included minor injuries we are talking of many more. If we try and calculate the cost of stolen golf equipment whether from our home or the club house and even our car then it will run into the tens of millions.

If we are planning our next golf vacation overseas we have the added risk of our clubs being stolen, damaged or lost in transit too. Therefore we need to check wether we have adequate insurance to cover these extra risks involved when on vacation. Having golf vacation insurance will have cover your worries.

As mentioned we have an increase of new golfers that are now on the golf course and many of these are not aware of the risks and dangers involved when playing golf on vacation. Typically these are the golfers who stray on the course and most likely to get hit by a golf ball.

With overseas golf resorts its quite typical to have houses and hotels lining the golf course and everyone pulls or hooks the odd ball and if we be honest we have all landed the odd ball in the rough or into the front garden of a house and most likely your house insurance will not cover this.

Golf is an expensive game to play at the best of times, but if things go wrong it can be very expensive, no so much the cost of replacement of your golf equipment which alone can cost a few thousand dollars or more, but have sufficient coverage against damage to other people and property and having insurance for golfers.

Just imagine would happen if you are on vacation playing golf and you accidently injure a fellow golfer with your golf ball, that person may have be airlifted back to there own country and that cost a lot of money.

There are certain things you will need to consider when purchasing insurance for your next golf vacation:

1. Policy need to protect you and your golf equipment from damage, theft or loss around the world?

2. Does the policy cover all golf courses around the world?

3. Does the policy cover your equipment in transit?

The cost of your golf vacation insurance will also cover you at home and will cost the amount of a dozen golf balls and is a small cost to pay to insure our golf vacation is enjoyable.

Article By Simon Hemmings

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